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Meet Ms. Jackson

I've always struggled with my weight. I would lose some pounds and feel very excited and gain back 3 times what I lost. No one knew how unhappy and depressed I was about my weight as I became a master of disguise as I learned to act happy.


At my heaviest, I was 280 lbs., which was only 20 pounds away from 300 lbs. I was embarrassed and I started having medical problems. I found myself being very forgetful and it became harder for me to walk. At times, I thought I was going to die in my sleep. I knew my life was going to be cut short if I didn't do something.


I decided to consult a weight loss surgeon. I found CARE Surgery Clinic where Dr. Obos Ekhaese is the primary surgeon. The entire staff made me feel like a person and this was the beginning of a beautiful weight loss journey. I was given all the necessary information and available procedures and I chose to have the sleeve done.


It has been seven months since the procedure was completed and I feel like a brand-new person! My entire life has changed and I'm able to exercise, play with my grandkids, and I even look way younger than my age. I no longer need to disguise myself more because when you see me, you see exactly how I feel. The real me. I am very thankful for having a second chance at a healthy life and I love every day I get.