Almost every major insurance carrier in the US today provides cover for weight loss bariatric surgery. However, the specific type of health insurance policy you have determines whether your insurance provider will cover the cost of weight-loss surgeries.

Some of the common types of health insurance policies in the US that cover the cost of bariatric surgery include:

  • Medicaid – Although not every surgeon will accept payment from Medicaid, this type of insurance policy offer cover for weight-loss surgeries.
  • Medicare – This type of insurance policy covers the cost of bariatric weight-loss surgeries.
  • Large Group Policy – An employer with 50+ employees under a large group insurance policy can also avail cover for weight loss surgery.
  • Individual/Family/Small Group Policy – Employees with less than 50 employees covered under a small group insurance plan also offer to cover the cost of weight-loss surgeries in around 23 states within the US.