On March 3, 2021, I decided I had enough. I had enough of hating the body I was held captive in. I had enough of seeing someone in the mirror I didn’t recognize. I had enough of being out of breath when my kids wanted to play. I had enough of telling my kids I couldn’t go down the slide with them because “mommy was too big.” I had enough of putting off going out because I didn’t want people to see me this way. I had enough of not checking things off my bucket list like sky diving because at my weight I could never do it. I had enough of being a prisoner in my own body. I took the leap of faith and decided to see Dr. Obos Ekhaese to have a consultation about gastric sleeve surgery


I was terrified at the fact of “chopping myself up” and the side effects that came with it. We have all heard the horror stories of extra skin, more health problems, and gaining weight back.

I let those stories hinder that consultation for years. I was finally fed up enough of dieting, exercising, and trying medications with no results. After my consultation with Dr. Ekhaese, he provided me with the facts and not rumors. The fact that I would be healthier and live longer with my kids. I didn’t listen past that conversation. I was ready to hop on the operating table right then and there. To see my kids, have kids, and their kids have kids was my motivation. I wanted a life quality, and he offered that. 


On March 3, 2021, I gained my life back. I was all expecting to hop up after and be as good as new but the first few days in recovery were rough for me. I woke up after surgery and regretted my decision. I wished I had never done it. I had so many doubts in my mind because of being so uncomfortable that I let it consume me at first. Around day 5 post op I started feeling better and ready to get back to work and home life. I had an amazing support system in my husband, family, and surgeon as I was dead set on seeing this decision through. After all, I couldn’t take it back even if I wanted to. I started seeing results about 10-14 days post op. As crazy as this sounds, I cried happy tears. I was seeing changes. I kept telling myself I was doing the right thing. I continued to see the weight shed and my confidence skyrocket. I started buying clothes 2 sizes smaller than I usually would. I kept try to talk out of it because “I’m still a 2X” was stuck in my head. I kept wearing the same clothes until I physically couldn’t deny my progress anymore. I would put my pants on and they would just fall right off. There was no question about it I lost those 50 pounds, even though I didn’t see it in myself. When I started running around the house with my kids and not sweating or trying to catch my breath, I saw it. I saw that woman and mother I was on the inside. 


I’m now 17 months out from surgery and 97 pounds down and I would not change my decision for anything in the world. Dr. Ekhaese didn’t just help me lose weight, he gave me the choice to have a better life than I thought possible. My success has driven my own mother to take the leap and get healthier with Dr. Ekhaese. She’s 8 months post op and 100 pounds down!


Learn More about Gastric Bypass Surgery

What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric bypass is surgery that helps you lose weight by changing how your stomach and small intestine handle the food you eat. After the surgery, your stomach will be smaller. You will feel full with less food.

The food you eat will no longer go into some parts of your stomach and small intestine that absorb food. Because of this, your body will not get all of the calories from the food you eat.


Is Gastric Bypass for me?

Gastric Bypass Surgery could be an option for you if: (1) Your body mass index (BMI) is 40 or higher (extreme obesity). (2) Your BMI is 35 to 39.9 (obesity), and you have serious weight-related health problems, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or severe sleep apnea. In some cases, you may qualify for certain types of weight-loss surgery if your BMI is 30 to 34 and you have serious weight-related health problems. Don't know your BMI? Use our online BMI Calculator.


How Can I Schedule an Appointment for Gastric Bypass?

Visit our website: https://www.caresurgeryclinic.com/appointment to book an appointment or call us at (832)915-8140. Our League City office is located at 1507 W League City Pkwy #200, League City, TX 77573. Our caring staff will guide you throughout the process including consulting, insurance eligibility, and much more.